Episode 11.2

“Form & Void” Review

By Annie Kenney

Oh Sam…you broke me tonight and it might take a while to put me back together again. What an awesome performance from Jared and what an emotional punch in the gut. This episode had so much potential and, while it lived up to most of it, it still managed to squander excellence by switching points of view so fast that my head was spinning and I felt as if I was having hallucinations!

Sam Form And Void

I understand that there are now four leads in Supernatural and that Jared and Jensen need time off now and again. I get that Crowley and Castiel are popular and have their own fan base and I realize that the writers and producers are trying to open the program up and make it more than just two brothers on the road in an Impala. BUT this constant moving from one storyline to another to another, sometimes in a matter of seconds, is getting a tad wearing.

First with the good bits (of which there were plenty despite my moaning). Sam making his own Taser and capturing another rabid. I loved the fact that he used ‘The Night of the Hunter’, where Robert Mitchum plays a convict pretending to be a priest, to trap his victim. It was excellent foreshadowing for what was going to happen later but also a hint that religion might ultimately be involved. I really enjoyed Sam being snarky too (‘Good answer’) and it is always fun to see Sam being kick ass and inventive.

Back with Dean; I thought it was lovely how he handled baby Amara (good job he didn’t actually know who she was at this point) and how good he is with children. Dean has never lost his caring, protective streak and the show goes out of its way to illustrate this. I was still enjoying Deputy Jenna Nickerson’s character and I was hoping she would stick around for a few episodes (but as usual my hopes were dashed – why does the show always kill off interesting characters?)

Dean Form And Void

In that moment everything looked normal and domestic and there was no hint of what lay ahead.

Unfortunately we still have the angel storyline (am I the only one who is finding it hard to care?). Why are those thug angels torturing Castiel? Is there really any point to this? If Castiel is still under the ‘beast spell’ that Rowena cast on him why can he form coherent thoughts? None of this makes any sense and, as I said last week, it distracts from the more interesting and dramatic moments in the episode.

Castiel Form And Void

Let me take this moment to add that I’m not saying Castiel hasn’t got a place in the storyline but – at this time – I just don’t know what it is. I am convinced that the writers could think of something else for him to do. Misha has worked hard to make the character his own but I just don’t think he is being utilized properly.

Anyway, back to the hospital, where Sam is asking God for help. Hands up who didn’t have tears in their eyes. What a fantastic moment that was and how nice to actually see things from Sam’s point of view. After the first half of Season 8 when Sam didn’t seem to care about Dean it was good that the writers actually had Sam ask God to care for Dean, to give him a better life, the life he deserved. My heart went out to Sam and I just wanted to hug him. It was one of the best scenes I have watched for a while and I just wish we could have more of that and less of the angels.

I am really enjoying Crowley this season. He is getting back to his wicked self and yet Dean still won’t kill him. The dialogue between Crowley and Dean is always snappy and amusing and the actors appear to have just the right chemistry. Crowley as a priest was priceless and – oddly – he made a really good one. He was also very English in this episode because it is well-known that we English do love our tea!

Crowley Form And Void

What else was good? Sam’s confusing hell type visions (was it a flash back to the cage? Is this going to happen again and, as Sam said what does this mean?) Sam’s desperate search for the cure before he succumbed completely to the disease. The horrible moment when he looked as if he was going to set himself on fire…in fact every scene with Sam in it was just outstanding and how nice to see Jared in the spotlight showing us what a fantastic actor he really is.

Back with Dean and Father Crowley – it was no real surprise to find out that Amara was the darkness but it was shocking to discover she ate souls and that – after eating them – she started to grow. Welcome to another creepy little girl. Am I the only one thinking of Lilith? Sad to see Jenna bite the dust though.

So here we are on the next part of the journey. Sam is cured (did Dean ever know he was infected in the first place?) Dean hasn’t killed Crowley or Amara, Castiel has managed to crawl into the bunker but he is still under Rowena’s spell (but at least he is away from the angels) and Hannah (in her male meat suit which never worked for me) has also met her maker. We also know that there are still reapers around as we met Billie who was only too glad to tell Sam what awaited both him and Dean when they died again. Her speech made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I can’t help but think that the Void of the title was the place that Sam & Dean might one day end up…

What’s going to happen next? Well all I can say is that – apparently – Amara means ‘She knows.’  Well I wish I did but I can’t wait to find out!