Episode 11.20

“Don’t Call Me Shurley” Review

By Annie Kenney

Don't Call Me Shurley 1

I hope no one minds if I start this review by saying what a fantastic week this has been for me, a huge football fan, as my team Leicester City won the Premier League for the first time in their 132 year of existence. Their win was totally out of left field and extremely unexpected. The pundits didn’t believe they would actually do it and the odds of them doing it were 5000/1 (the same odds as finding Elvis alive apparently). Their triumph is like a film script waiting to happen and it has been great for our city and the UK in general! Forgive me for being self-indulgent but, along with Sam & Dean, these eleven men are my heroes and I hope they enjoy their richly deserved success!

Now to the episode; for the first time in a long time I wasn’t sure how to feel. Did I like it? Did I hate it? Did I enjoy it? I’m not certain I can actually answer those questions but all I can say is that the episode has gotten me thinking and I can’t stop replaying it in my mind. It was somewhat unusual for a Supernatural episode and that’s good. Whether it worked or not is a matter of opinion but it touched on quite interesting and sensitive subjects and it dealt with God without being too po-faced or offensive.

I’ll start with Metatron. I never thought I would come to like him after all he’d done but in the course of the episode I warmed to him and his impassioned speech at the end almost moved me to tears. Metatron was asking for forgiveness and I, for one, was ready to forgive him. He is human now and he was clearly suffering but – right from the moment he shared his sandwich with the stray dog (and how cute was that dog?) – you knew he had changed for the better. I’d almost forgotten that Metatron was the scribe of God because so much has happened since the latter half of Season 8 (when he was introduced). However it soon became clear that Metatron had had a very close relationship with God and that he wasn’t happy with the way God had treated humanity. He might have claimed that he was scared but that didn’t stop him from telling God all the mistakes he’d made. God has been absent for Supernatural since Season 5 and I thought it was pretty courageous of the writers to finally bring him back.

Don't Call Me Shurley 2

And that brings us around to Chuck; at the end of Swan Song it was hinted that Chuck was God but it was never substantiated. The Chuck we saw in Swan Song was certainly different to the Chuck we were first introduced to in The Monster at the End of this Book. I absolutely loved Chuck and his appearance in The Real Ghostbusters was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I loved his bumbling and his agony at not being viewed as a proper writer. I thought his relationship with Becky was sweet and I hoped we’d see more of his character. Chuck – at first – was just a reluctant prophet but now we know better and I’m really glad that the writers went there and I’m curious to see what happens next.

I wasn’t convinced with the scenes between Metatron and Chuck at first; they were a tad wordy and slow and didn’t seem to be going anywhere. I kind of liked the fact that Chuck/God was writing a book about himself but I was getting a little bored and then…the whole episode seemed to change course and the last fifteen minutes were absolutely fantastic.

Don't Call Me Shurley 3

Which brings me neatly to Sam and Dean; the Winchesters weren’t in this episode much but when they were in it – I have no words – the emotional scene between an infected Sam and a desperate Dean was one of the best I’ve seen and I was in tears. The brothers spoke to each other without using words and it was clear that they are not going to be separated again whatever happens. When Dean reached into Sam’s pocket and found the glowing amulet I almost shouted out loud. Earlier Chuck had been talking to Metatron and had said ‘you’ll never believe where it has been all this time’. Well I guessed right then where it had been and it was where I’d often suspected it was…it was with Sam.

One of the worst moments in Season 5 was the moment Dean took the amulet (or the Samulet as it has been called for some time) and threw it into the trash. The hurt look on Sam’s face was too much to bear and I have to confess that I really did not like Dean in that instant. The amulet had been a sign of Sam’s love for his brother and Dean had worn it religiously. When it was gone it took a lot of getting used to and it was weird to see Dean without it. Its whereabouts have been discussed and written about on a million different fan forums but the show had never really mentioned it again until now. I think most fans of the show thought the same as me. I was convinced that Sam had picked it out of the trash and put it in his pocket. I like to think that Sam had it all the time that he had it in the cage for comfort, that he had it during the trials and that he kept it because it reminded him of how he felt about his brother. Why he never gave it Dean back is a mystery but Dean’s reaction, when he found the amulet in his brother’s pocket, was so emotional that it made me want to cry and cry. I want to watch that one moment over and over again and I also want to tell Jensen what a fantastic actor he really is.


I was glad that Chuck saved the town and relieved that Sam was cured (again). Now he has a lot of explaining to do and it will be fascinating to see what happens next week. Now God is back will he help banish the darkness? Or will there be another twist to the tale…knowing the writers it will be the latter but, as we roar towards the finale – things are getting very, very interesting.

So a 7/10 for the first half of this episode and a huge 10/10 for the last fifteen minutes. I’m keeping everything crossed that – next week – Dean is wearing the amulet again…