Episode 11.21

“All in the Family” Review

By Annie Kenney

All In The Family 1

What can I say about tonight’s episode? I quite enjoyed it and it had some good moments but, to be honest, it left me with that awful ‘meh’ feeling and that is something I don’t like to admit. I wasn’t excited or scared and there was no tension. I wasn’t on the edge of my seat and worried that someone would die. It is worrying that we are getting so close to the finale (two more episodes) and yet there is no sense of dread. Unlike the finale of Season 8 (which was one of the best in the whole series) there is no real build. Amara is still not frightening, Cas/Lucifer is still hammy and there isn’t really a big bad that makes you shudder. I long for the days of old Yellow Eyes or the Leviathans. I keep remembering the two part finale in Season 2 and the sight of Sam getting stabbed in the back. There is nothing like that at the moment and I can only hope that things are going to get better and, by episode 23, I’m biting my nails and screaming at the TV.

All In The Family 2

So what did I like? Well to be honest I loved the Winchesters in this, absolutely loved them. Sam and Dean at their very best with Sam being all geeky and fanboying God (call me Chuck), Dean being all stoic and tearful and making me cry along with him. The first few scenes were fantastic, I loved Dean’s ‘Sam you’re babbling’ and Sam’s obvious excitement at being in the presence of God. I really think the show works when Sam and Dean are bouncing off each other and I have to say that Jensen and Jared are two of the best actors on television at the moment. When Supernatural does eventually end I hope that they go into feature films as they are certainly good enough. They know their characters inside out and they were the lynch pin of this entire episode.

I also liked seeing Kevin again and it is a relief that he is finally out of the veil (it took long enough!) Donatello was an excellent addition to the Supernatural universe and perhaps he will live long enough to make a return visit. He made me chuckle quite a few times and I liked the fact he was a scientist and an atheist as it made his conversion more realistic. There was just something about him that made me warm to him (I have a cat – I had a cat). Let’s keep our fingers crossed for him as people have the tendency to die fairly quickly in Supernatural!

What didn’t I like? Amara’s confrontation with Lucifer. It seemed as if the writers had just slipped it in and it had no bearing on anything. I also felt that there was quite a lot of continuity errors in this episode. I thought Amara wanted to talk to God – so why is she warding herself against him? Why does she have a special link with Dean? Is it because of the Mark? Perhaps it’s me being daft but I can’t actually wrap my head around the bond between them.

All In The Family 3

What else? Well I do enjoy Chuck as God. Rob Benedict is excellent because playing God can’t be easy! It’s funny seeing God watching porn on Dean’s laptop and liking bacon. The fact that God is so human works but, oddly enough, the fact that Amara is human doesn’t work. If only they had gone with another creature, something more frightening, something that was actually dark. It isn’t Emily Swallow’s fault but she just looks like a sexy woman going to a dance rather than ancient evil. Surely ancient evil should be more – well – evil! Personally I think the writers dropped the ball on this one but it is only my opinion.

I was actually sorry when Metatron appeared to sacrifice himself for the others. Is he dead? Who knows but he has redeemed himself in my eyes and I found myself liking him again. Something tells me he’ll be back!

All in all I’d give this episode 6/10 with a 10/10 for Sam and Dean. I haven’t an actual clue what is going to happen next but I have a horrible feeling it is going to involve Crowley and – horror upon horrors – Rowena. Now God has healed Lucifer I wonder if God is also going to rescue Castiel. If he does who will be Lucifer’s new vessel? Will Dean resist Amara? Will Chuck sacrifice himself? Are we going to see Billie again? The one thing that worries me is that one of the brothers is going to end up in the empty…I guess I’ll have to keep watching to see if that happens.