Episode 11.22

“We Happy Few” Review

By Annie Kenney

When I first started watching Supernatural (over ten years ago) the first six seasons only had 22 episodes. By the time Season 7 came around those 22 episodes had become 23. Usually the penultimate episode in the season was a tense affair that led up to the big finish. Usually that episode would be quite dramatic (Clip Show in Season 8 being a good example) but would always leave you wondering what was going to happen next. What fate would befall our heroes before the very final shot? You might wonder why I’m slightly rambling here but after watching We Happy Few I’m not actually wondering what is going to happen next because…everything seemed to happen in that particular episode. In fact it was almost like it was the finale and it is hard to know just what the writers are going to do to top the special effects and the dramatic ‘brother’s in arms’ plot that wound its way through the episode and threw everything but the kitchen sink into it!

We Happy Few 1

It was a strange episode and I’m not sure what to think about it. There are a lot of things that worry me about the writing at the moment and, most of all, I am very concerned that Lucifer – always the biggest of the big bads – is now being played for comedy and seems to have been forgiven for all of his previous sins.   What upsets me the most (and I have to use the word upsets even if it seems a tad dramatic) is that by making Lucifer both funny (questionable) and an ally the writers seem to have forgotten the terrible things he has done to one of the Winchesters – Sam.

We Happy Few 2

I cannot – for the life of me – see how Sam could bear to have Lucifer so close to him. Not only that but he is giving Lucifer counseling! He is letting Lucifer use his room. This is the same Lucifer who possessed him, who kept his soul in the cage and tortured it for over 100 Hell years. This is the same Lucifer who haunted his dreams when his wall came down, the same Lucifer who only recently referred to Sam as bunk buddy. Sam was clearly terrified in that particular episode. He was moved to tears by his terror and yet, yet, here is the same character actually living in the bunker and acting like a teenager by refusing to come out of the room and playing his music too loud. It doesn’t work for me. It just doesn’t. This Lucifer is so different to Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer that it is hard to believe that they are the same character. In my opinion this is a huge mistake on the writer’s part. It makes all of Sam’s actions – particularly in Swan Song where he threw himself into the pit to save the world – redundant. It makes his sacrifices seem small and insignificant. Whatever else has happened in this particular plot line – Sam’s back story has been stomped all over and it is such a shame and takes a lot away from what is happening.

We Happy Few 3

That aside – what did I like about this episode? I liked the relationship between Sam and Dean. They are more together than they have been in a long, long time and that makes me happy. I like Chuck and I think that Rob Benedict is absolutely on the nose with his performance. I also liked seeing Crowley again, back to his old self once he had been given something important to do.   Strangely enough I also found myself really liking Rowena (wonders will never cease). I think that the character has become a lot more three dimensional this season and I enjoyed her interaction with God/Chuck too. She actually seems to have a purpose this season and the fact I’m liking her surprises me as much as it might surprise everyone else!

What didn’t I like? Amara – who remains about as terrifying as my Jack Russell – she really would have worked better as something more – well – dark and ethereal. The gathering of angels having some sort of meeting and accusing Castiel of ‘defouling himself’ and the fact that Donatello has been killed (I really liked him). I was also vaguely annoyed that Sam’s really important talk with God (about him taking the mark) took place off screen. Surely we could have lived without so many angel/demon pow-wows to actually see that conversation take place. Sam offering to take the mark was a HUGE plot point and yet it was shoehorned into about two minutes at most. Simply bad planning – we need to see the dramatic moments not hear about them in retrospect.

We Happy Few 4

The special effects confrontation at the end was fantastic but what now? God is dying, Cas/Lucifer looks dead to me (although I don’t think he is), Rowena’s coven are gone and Amara holds all the cards. How can she be destroyed? It doesn’t look good for the Winchesters but it doesn’t look good for humankind in general! I feel as if I should feel really tense and scared and worried but I don’t and that makes me more tense and worried!!

So 7/10 with an extra mark for the special effects; not really happy with this plot line but, all in all, Season 11 has been pretty satisfying. Let’s hope that the writers can pull out all the stops and have me screaming at my TV screen again.

Here’s to next week!