Episode 11.3

“The Bad Seed” Review

By Annie Kenney 

I’m not sure where to start when talking about this episode; usually I can think of a few good things to say, sometimes there are parts of the episode that I liked and sometimes there are parts of the episode that I didn’t like. In the case of The Bad Seed well I’m really sorry to say that I can’t find anything really positive to say about it and, in my opinion, it was one of the worst episodes of Supernatural that I’ve seen in quite a while.

Firstly Rowena is back and as annoying as ever. What is it with her character? Do the writers want her to be so deliberately over the top? She isn’t threatening, she isn’t likeable and she doesn’t really have much of a purpose (apart from curing Castiel). I get that she was needed towards the end of Season 10 because they needed someone to remove the Mark of Cain from Dean and it did work. I actually began to enjoy Rowena and thought the idea of her working with Charlie was excellent. However now the Mark is gone there seems to be little point in keeping Rowena. She is too camp a character to be anything close to a big bad and she seems to be around just to supply some comedy moments (which don’t work either because she isn’t funny).

Secondly Castiel and his bestiality spell. I’m sorry but this was just laughable and I feel sorry for Misha Collins. At times, when Cas was under the spell, I was reminded of Frankenstein’s monster or some baddie from a bad horror film. Why did the spell make him fevered and ill? Was he cold? Why did he have to be wrapped in some sort of blanket? It was completely ridicules and it made a mockery of the program I love.

Sam's hair


As for Sam and Dean – well they were almost like bit players in their own series. They didn’t actually do very much (although I was quite taken with Dean’s disguise and he even made a pork pie hat look cool!) They got thrown around a bit, Dean was beaten up and the writers had to add the fact that Sam was keeping secrets from Dean (again). The only thing I was thinking was how handsome they both looked and how much I liked Sam’s hair this season. It’s really sad but I don’t want to be thinking those shallow thoughts. I want to be scared; I want to be on the edge of my seat, I want to care what happens next. Unfortunately I didn’t feel any of those things and, at one point, I was bored and I even toyed with the idea of turning it off! I’ve never, ever done that before.


I suppose the only thing that kept me interested was Crowley and his interaction with Amara (aka The Darkness). I think that he is going to regret being ‘Uncle Crowley’ at some point because the creepy kid has just become a creepy teenager. Also the biggest amusement for me was seeing that poor frightened demon wearing an apron…I think that this episode really sank to an all-time low.

Jensen directing

It’s doubly sad because this episode was directed by Jensen Ackles and it is a shame that he was given such a terrible episode to direct. I love Jensen’s direction as a rule because he really knows the characters and he always makes sure that Sam and Dean are portrayed well. At least for this episode he made sure that the brothers were together at all times and working in tandem. The few quite moments between the brothers were high spots in a very dull episode and I really, really hope that Jensen is given more to work with next time.

Well, that was quite a miserable and negative review wasn’t it? All I can hope is that it will lead to something better. It did at least resolve a few issues and set up a few more. Castiel is now back to normal and working with the Winchesters. It appears that demons and angels might be working together against the darkness and Crowley now has a much ‘bigger’ problem to deal with (where is he going to find all those souls and will his own become threatened at some point?) Rowena has escaped and will no doubt be after her son as well so Crowley has a double threat.

I’ve seen a preview for next week and I’ve read lots of positive things about the episode and its star. I have to say that I can’t wait to see it because I’m absolutely certain it will wipe away all of the negativity from this week and make me love Supernatural again. Fingers crossed!

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