Episode 11.4

“Baby” Review

By Annie Kenney

What a difference a week makes. If last week’s episode was one of the worst I’ve ever seen then this week’s was one of the best. I just watched it and I already want to watch it again. I haven’t felt so enthusiastic about an episode since last season’s Fan Fiction and I have a feeling that this is one of those episodes that you can watch over and over without ever getting tired of it.


The Impala has always been one of the stars of Supernatural. From the pilot episode onwards it is clear that she was and is one of the most important things in the Winchester’s life. I guess she is all that Sam and Dean have from their past, the only thing that still links them to their mom and dad, she is full of precious memories and she even helped them save the world once (Swan Song). This episode paid tribute to Baby and what a fantastic tribute it was. This was Supernatural at its very best, classic Supernatural that contained all the things that the fans love and, best of all, Sam and Dean were together and on the same page and we got to see them talking, singing and having fun. I just wish that there were episodes like this every week.

So what did I like about it? Well everything of course – from the car washing scene (but why weren’t the boys topless?) to the boys singing. We saw the Winchesters from the car’s point of view which meant that we saw things that we never normally see. We saw what the Winchester brothers do when they are traveling, we saw them interact with each other, we saw them actually laughing and that is something that is as rare as hen’s teeth these days.

It was refreshing to see the brothers doing normal things like Sam drinking smoothies. Dean’s reaction to this was hysterical and, something else that was good about this episode, Dean’s snarky humor returned. I really liked the part when they pulled up to the Roadhouse and Dean tried to get Sam to go inside. I really thought that we might see Sam sitting in the backseat researching – how wrong I was!

I have to admit I was as proud as Dean when the waitress appeared half naked in the back seat. Sam has often been portrayed as someone who doesn’t do one night stands but perhaps that is something of a Supernatural myth. I really, really loved Dean’s reaction to Sam’s hook-up and I was laughing out loud at him sneakily peeping in through the window to try and get a better view. It was nice that the incident lead to the boys talking about settling down and I felt really wistful as the moment was bittersweet.

It was interesting to see how the writers worked Sam’s visions into the episode. I’m really curious to see what is causing them and why young John featured in them. Sam seems to think they are linked to God somehow and I wonder if God (or Chuck) has actually returned to Earth to help fight the darkness. This episode had just the right amount of myth arc in it and I am happy to report that there wasn’t an angel or demon in sight!

The night scene of the two Winchesters talking in the Impala made me cry. It was so touching and so genuine. It was good to see Sam being honest with Dean and telling him about the fact he was infected. There are now no secrets between the brothers (at last) and I hope that this continues. At one point I felt as if I had gone back in time and was watching an early episode when it was just two brothers and a 67 Impala fighting monsters and hunting things. It made me realize why I started watching Supernatural in the first place and why the series has become so important to me.Baby4Baby5

The monster of the week was fairly incidental but the scene where Dean takes him on and cuts off his head was really, genuinely funny. I liked the phone call with Cas too. I hope that Cas continues to work with the brothers – he is an ideal replacement for Bobby as far as research and knowledge is concerned and I actually liked his presence in this episode (even though we didn’t actually see him).

After everyone was restored to normal and the boys sat in poor old Baby (she needs some TLC that’s for sure) it was so touching to hear Sam say that the car was home. Both of the brothers are so fond of that car and it was lovely to see them sitting there side by side. The three of them against the world!


There was so much to love about this episode – the sleeping in the backseat, the ‘night bitch – night jerk’ exchange, Sam singing, Sam getting laid, Dean in shorts (although we didn’t see them either boo – hiss) cleaning his car, the brothers laughing and joking with each other, the fantastic choice of music and the brilliant way it was shot. This episode was just wonderful and the writers and producers must take credit for a job well done. Last week I was almost ready to quit watching, this week I couldn’t stop watching…please, please, please more episodes like this one. I can really live without Rowena, Crowley, Metatron and the angels. All I need is Sam, Dean and baby…is it too much to ask?


So I’ll leave it there. I’m off to watch it again and again.

Thank you Supernatural for making me fall in love with you once more…