Episode 11.7

“Plush” Review

By Annie Kenney

I loved this episode. It was a good, old fashioned ghost story and it was made better by the fact that it was pretty scary and more than a little unsettling. It might be seen as a filler by some but I’d rather watch this sort of episode every week than have to suffer through those heavy, head spinning mythology episodes that make me both angry and confused!

So a man is battered to death by a dude in an extremely creepy rabbit mask and the Winchesters are called in to investigate. I really, really love Sheriff Donna and all of her little sayings and homilies. She is the sort of female character that really works on Supernatural. She is strong, funny and independent and I hope she sticks around. I thought her interactions with the Winchesters were wonderful and Briana Buckmaster is excellent. She has great chemistry with Sam and Dean and I would so watch a spin-off show that features Donna and Jody Mills!

Plush 1

Despite the fact that this episode didn’t contain angels or demons or the darkness it did move the plot along. I was moved by Sam’s prayers and felt really annoyed by Dean’s reaction to them (although I do understand why he feels the way he does). God hasn’t exactly been there for the Winchesters (or anyone else for that matter) so Dean’s distrust of him is only to be expected. I’m with Dean in the fact that I’m not convinced Sam’s visions are actually from God and I still think Lucifer might be involved somehow. (Remember at the start of the season it was mentioned that the cage rattled because the inhabitants were scared?) However seeing Sam so convinced and so desperate for God’s help is very moving and my heart just goes out to him. There is something about Sam that makes you want to hug him tight and he certainly needs a hug at the moment.

So back to the killer bunny – this episode made me laugh and it made me scared too. I also loved the brother’s snarky comments – Sam’s ‘So Rog you were framed’ being my favorite. I also liked that the writers worked Sam’s fear of clowns into the episode because that is never not funny. Sam’s face when the clown got into the lift with him was priceless and it proved what a badass he has become when he managed to overcome his fear and set the poor old man free.

Plush 2

Another thing I liked was Doug (mark 2). He was so sweet and his pursuit of Donna was lovely to watch. It was nice to see her warm to him in the end. I kind of hope we see Doug again (although I hope I’ve not cursed him with that statement because people I want to see again usually end up dead!)

The end of the episode made my heart ache. Sam’s determination to convince Dean that his visions are real; Dean’s fear for Sam and Dean’s concerns regarding the cage. I really hope that we don’t get another Swan Song because that episode nearly killed me. I want to see the darkness defeated but I would love to see her defeated at no cost to Sam or Dean. How lovely to actually see the brothers together and safe at the end of a season…but that’s not likely to happen is it?

Plush 3

So I would give this episode 9/10. An excellent filler and one that a layman could watch as you didn’t need much Supernatural knowledge to enjoy it. I can only hope we get more episodes like this and that the angels and demons take a back seat. I like that we get mentions of Cas but I’m happy not to see him or be distracted by him (unless his storyline picks up that is). I’ve not missed Crowley or Rowena either and, hopefully, if they do appear it will be to move the plot along.

Looking forward to the next episode and fingers crossed!