Episode 11.8

“Just My Imagination” Review

By Annie Kenney


Bad Seed aside Season 11 is, in my opinion, shaping up to be a good – if not great – season. We’ve had one would be classic episode already with Baby and now we have had another with Just My Imagination.

This was just Supernatural at its best; it had humor in spades, lots of fantastic, quotable lines and a bitter sweet twist. Sully was absolutely fantastic and Sam – well tell me again why Jared wasn’t nominated for a People’s Choice Award – Sam was just wonderful and, not for the first time this season, he made me cry like a baby.

What an original premise this was and something I’ve never seen before. Imaginary friends are real – who knew? And Sam had an imaginary friend – not hard to believe if we think about Sam and what we know of his childhood. Everything from Jared’s performance to the flashbacks to Dean just being Dean was just perfect and I can’t express just how much I loved this episode.


So what did I like? The beginning with a delightfully sleepy Sam, a Sam so tired he didn’t notice the cornucopia of goodies laid out for him. Sam’s reaction to Sully and then Dean’s reaction to Sam. Dean being wonderfully snarky, the revelation that Sully was actually real, the believable tale about the Zanna (not certain this is the right spelling but hey) and Sam’s obvious fondness mixed with guilt over Sully.


I loved the brothers visiting the girl’s parents and the fact that – this season – Dean seems to be enjoying naming creatures (the werepire if you will) and decided that this one was going to be called manicorn. I also adored the boys in those sweaters and Dean’s ‘Bert & Ernie’ joke. In fact Dean was on fire in this episode and it was nice to see him back to his best!

Poor Sparkles – and how much therapy with that poor little girl actually need? It was great that the writers mixed all that blood and gore with humour and watching Dean and Sam’s reaction to that poor mom with blood all over her was priceless. I liked the imaginary friends, the mermaid and Weems who played an air guitar that Bill and Ted would be proud of.


It was weird watching the flashbacks because as good as the actor was that played young Sam he just wasn’t Colin Ford who will forever be young Sam to me. I was pleased to see Dylan Everett back as young Dean and it is a shame that Dylan and Colin couldn’t have acted together because they were really good picks and very believable. However new young Sam was sweet and it was really heart-breaking to see him accepting his hunting life and turning his back on Sully. Given what we now know it was incredibly touching. We know that Sam did try to run away and we also know how that turned out. I always want to hug Sam because he carries so much pain and guilt and he really does need a friend. It was nice to watch the scene between Sam and his imaginary friend because – for the first time – Sam was honest telling Sully that he was scared to go back into the cage (and I’m petrified that that is what he is going to do). Sully told Sam that he was proud of him and that Sam was his hero and – after that – I found it hard to watch through the tears!

I liked the twist of the murderer being one of Sully’s children. Despite the fact she had killed two Zanna, I felt sorry for her and I could understand her pain. I was really scared that she would kill Sully, but it all turned out OK in the end. Sully and Sam shared a moment and I couldn’t help but hope that we see Sully again. He was lovely and he knew a lot about Sam. I always enjoy seeing these episodes that flashback because I think that they give us a great insight into Sam and Dean. We are able to understand how they developed into the men they are today and this makes them more relatable.

One of my favorite moments was Dean thanking Sully for ‘looking after my little brother when I couldn’t’. That was possibly the biggest compliment Dean could pay anyone because we know just how much Sam means to him.

There was nothing I didn’t like about this episode and I’d give it 10/10. It worked on every level and was equal to Mystery Spot in the way it blended pathos with humor. Again it was all about Dean and Sam – not an angel in sight – but the myth arc wasn’t forgotten and the plot moved on without all of the complications that often bog down these mythology episodes.

Next week is the mid-season finale and I’m scared to death – without giving anything away – I’ve seen the trailer and OMG Sam – I am absolutely terrified and I can’t wait to see what happens next…