Episode 11.9

“O Brother Where Art Thou?” Review

By Annie Kenney

Let me start this review by saying ‘I told you so!’ Yes I’ve been telling everyone for weeks – weeks – that the visions Sam was getting weren’t from God but from Lucifer and – guess what? I was right!! I wish I wasn’t though!


I’m on the fence about the episode in general; as usual with these myth arc episodes it was good in parts but, unfortunately, it was also quite boring considering it was a mid-season finale. Very talky and a bit confusing in places and the brothers were separated for most of it (which I hate). And Dean is going to be very, very angry when he gets back and starts asking where Sam might be!

So what did I like about this episode? Sam…and his terrible internal conflict…the fact that he was obviously scared but prepared to face his fears because he felt it was what God wanted. Jared was just fantastic in this episode and I just wanted to hug him and make things right. Poor old Sam has been through so much and it was horrible to see him so afraid. I also liked the fact that Dean was prepared to be protective big brother again. His determination to find another solution proved how much he still wants to guard Sam and keep him safe. His insistence that Sam ring him before he did anything was really bitter sweet especially given how things turned out.


Another thing that impressed me in this episode was the special effects. Supernatural has obviously gotten a much bigger budget this year because Hell, the cage and Amara’s demonstrations of power were all excellent. I particularly love the cage and it is actually really, really scary. I can see why Sam doesn’t’ want to go back there.

Fantastic to see Mark Pellegrino again; I love him as Lucifer and he is as creepy as hell (excuse the pun). When we first saw him he looked really devilish with his glowing eyes and yet there is something oddly likeable about him. His scenes with Sam are something to behold and it is clear that the actors have a really good chemistry as they bounce off each other really well. This has been the case since Lucifer’s introduction in Season 5 and, strangely, I hope he sticks around for a while.

So what didn’t I like? Rowena – what more can I say – she hasn’t gotten any better since last season. She is still over the top, still hammy and I still don’t know why she seems so popular. She isn’t scary and she isn’t funny and, in a lot of ways, she is like a Disney villain – a wicked witch out of cartoon land – and very out of place in a program like Supernatural.

Angels…they have outlived their shelf life and was it wrong to internally cheer when Amara zapped them out of existence? They get more tedious and boring every season and it is time to say goodbye to them!

In my opinion, after several excellent stand-alone monster of the week episodes O Brother Where Art Thou was an unwelcome return to the mythology of Supernatural. I like the darkness and I like the concept but there are certain plot points that just make me go ‘Meh.’ Amara being God’s sister – Amara’s strange connection to Dean – the little mark of Cain she has on her shoulder. All this is a bit silly to be honest and I hope that something happens to make me feel differently. (Maybe if she obliterates the entire angel population.)

So what saved the episode for me? The end – what a cliff hanger – poor Sam trapped with Lucifer once more. His single man tear, the pain and panic in his eyes. The awful revelation that it was Lucifer who was sending out the visions. Even though it wasn’t a shock to me it was certainly a shock to Sam and the expression on his face at the end was absolutely gutting. It definitely made me want more and I can’t wait until the next episode to see how Dean is going to save his brother (because we know he will save Sam – he has to.)

6/10 with an extra point for the ending. Not one of the best but certainly not one of the worst. Christmas is coming and we have a long wait, but until the New Year I’m going to be very, very worried about Sam…