Who Invented Angel Numbers? | History & Facts

Pythagoras (credited with having invented angel numbers)

Pythagoras is often credited with having invented angel numbers in the Sixth Century BCE. The idea behind angel numbers was simple, the number 1 symbolises unification and the origin of all things, and all other numbers may be formed from 1 by adding numerous repetitions of it.

The number 2 represents the female aspect, and the number 3 represents the male aspect; adding the numbers 2 and 3 yields the number 5, which represents marriage. All of the odd numbers are male, whereas all of the even numbers are female. The number 4 symbolises justice.

Since the beginning of time, human civilisation has learned and utilised numbers. However, regardless of what society you are present in, some numbers have more significance or meaning than others.

In many cases, this is referred to as Numerology.

On the other hand, some civilisations may use a different approach to accomplishing the same aim, which is to connect with a greater force in some manner.

In the past few years, the phrases Angel Numbers and Numerology have become indistinguishable.

Indeed, it seems that the phrase angel numbers was developed as part of the evolution of New Age culture.

It is a heavenly message provided by your guardian angels, spirits, or Transcended Masters to assist direct you back on the right path with your journey through life.

Who coined the term Angel Numbers?

Doreen Virtue first coined the term angel numbers. Since the start, she’s released various books and tarot cards and helped update the Pythagorean’s ideology about Numerology. She popularised the phrase angel numbers. All the things have a harmonic frequency in the cosmos, says Doreen Virtue.

On the other hand, this frequency may be utilised to understand heavenly messages that appear in the shape of numbers.

Doreen Virtue said that one should pay close attention to a number or a combination of numbers that sticks out to you. This is the number your guardian angels, spiritual advisors, or Exalted Teachers want you to identify. It is this frequency of knowledge they want you to learn.

To put it another way, she wants people to give importance to their thoughts or actions when they observe this series of numbers.

This will assist you in better understanding what your guardian angels are striving to communicate with you.

Everyone is on their unique journey; therefore, a broad term you see online may not necessarily apply to your situation.

Doreen Virtue has protested her effort and energy in New Age Numerology since she started her profession as a New Age Numerology instructor.

Doreen has recently transitioned her passion towards the Bible pathway and attempted to have her brand name erased from practically all of her formerly produced writings.

Now you may be wondering, does the fact that the person who introduced the phrase “angel numbers” no longer continue to believe in her own study renders it invalid?

Absolutely not. When somebody disavows their writing, it doesn’t render this any less honest or effective. She merely changed her research into the Christian society and has since utilised Christian jargon to express the significance of numbers.

The origins of Numerology

The origins of Numerology can be dated back to the sixth century when Pythagoras, a mathematician, philosopher, and metaphysician, developed Numerology due to his knowledge. The precise date when Pythagorean Numerology was originally founded is uncertain since no ancient writings have survived.

Pythagoras was a Greek mathematician who was born around 570 B.C. He amassed a following, whom he labelled the Pythagoreans. In his school, he and his disciples researched math, music, and philosophy at the Pythagorean school.

“Whenever you put a succession of odd integers together, you’ll always get a square number.”

It was then he and his disciples got fascinated by numerical symbolism following their finding of truth regarding numbers.

According to the Pythagoreans, when a string of odd integers is put together, the result is always a square number.

The Pythagoreans concluded that “everything is number” as a result of this finding. In simple words, it implies that anything in the material universe can be defined using numbers and measures.

This has significantly influenced scientific knowledge and math in modern society since its discovery.

However, “Everything is a number” may also interpret in another way. ” anything in the cosmos may be converted to a numerical value, according to the above phrase.

Pythagoras developed Numerology as a result of his experience.

What does the bible say about angel numbers?

Bible doesn’t specifically say anything about Numerology but people often keep asking whether angel numbers are drawn from Christianity ideologies and have a spiritual meaning. The phrase “Angel Numbers” or “Numerology” is not used in Christian religion since their concept of numerology is centred on the Bible.

Some consider them to be immoral and a sort of deception that God dislikes.

People that follow Christianity think that spirits never desire spotlight to themselves and believe that the Lord does not communicate by numbers. If the Heavenly Lord wishes to talk to you, it’ll be in the guise of a revelation or a dream.

In a Religious sense, Christ and the Heavenly domain never communicate with humanity using numbers or numerical combinations — and guardian angels never bring awareness about themselves to others.

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