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“It’s been 10 seasons together… which makes us all family. That inspired me to design my first ever limited edition T-shirt for you guys this Valentine’s Day. It’s available for just 2 weeks so get yours quick at:

“A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man” – Don Corleone.

Here’s to the SPNFamily!”

Season 11 confirmed!

Supernatural Season 11

Season 11 confirmed!

Unless you were living under a rock, you know that season 11 of Supernatural has been confirmed!

What are you most excited about? What are your plot requests? Let us know by leaving a comment now.

Have you read all of Annie’s thoughts on season 10 so far? What episodes did she love? What episodes did she NOT love? Read her reviews now!

Happy New Year!

SPNFamily, let’s help our friend Kaye Bauer (@SamJackLover) heal from her quadruple bypass surgery!


She is not receiving disability pay from either of her employers while she is healing for 4-6 weeks, so could you help her by chipping in $5 or $10? Kaye is one of the first people I met thanks to Supernatural and she is one of the sweetest human beings alive. If you have met her at a Supernatural convention, you know what I am talking about! :)

The Supernatural fan fundraiser for Kaye is located at: We raised $1,200 in one week! We just need a little more to reach our $1,500 goal.

Thank you!

“What Is And What Should Never Be” Watch Party!

8 - Sam and Mary hug

Grab yourself an “El Sol” Beer and join us on New Year’s Day at 4pm eastern for a “What Is And What Should Never Be” (hashtag #WIAWSNB) Supernatural Watch Party!

WIAWSNB is a such a wonderful, classic Supernatural episode that so many fans say is their favorite! So join us, along with @FangasmSPN and @CarryOnSPN on Twitter to help pass the time until our favorite show is back with new episodes on January 20th!WIAWSNB_Dean02