Episode 10.19

“The Werther Project” Review

By Annie Kenney

Cuthbert Sinclair is one creepy dude; that is one of the things I learned from last night’s episode. Another thing I learned is that Sam Winchester is sneaky but awesome and that the brothers are better together.

I’m unsure whether I enjoyed the episode as much as last weeks. It was one of those episodes that are there to move the main plotline forward and there was a lot going on. It was interesting to learn that Rowena can’t translate ‘The Book of the Damned’ without its codex and it was also unsurprising to find out that she wants the book for a totally different reason (even though we don’t yet know what that is). Her terms are pretty frightening though – she wants Sam to kill her son and Sam has agreed (I can’t see that happening somehow). I’m still not sure what Rowena’s endgame is and I’m still a tad unsure about the character. I have to admit she was less annoying and clichéd in this episode and she is starting to interest me a little.

Flashbacks are always a little unsettling and this one went back to the seventies (the decade style forgot). It was quite disturbing to see Suzie’s family commit suicide in increasingly gory ways and I have to admit I looked away when her mother cut her own throat. Another flashback in the episode had us revisiting the Men of Letters and it appears that they found Cuthbert as creepy and as disconcerting as I do! It is clear that Cuthbert was something of an eccentric genius who clearly had no conscience when it came to spells and the like. His deadly alarm system was certainly enough to protect the box but it caused a lot more harm than it did good.

The theme of suicide ran through the entire episode and I’m not sure if I liked that or not. Cuthbert’s spell affected everyone who tried to open the box and watching both Sam and Dean hallucinate was quite distressing. While I’m on that subject how many times has Sam lost blood from wounds on his arms? He was drained by ghouls in Jump the Shark, drained again by vampires in Alex Annie Alexis Ann. Although this time the wounds were self-inflicted Sam still lost a lot of blood. Surely he should have gone to the ER for a transfusion. Sam might have once been affected by demon blood but he doesn’t appear to have a lot of blood left in his body and I often fear for his health!

Benny, The Werther Project

How good was it to see Benny again? I really miss that character and I wish that the writers had found some way to keep him. I love Ty Olsson and his portrayal of the old fashioned southern blood sucker is spot on. How horrible though to see Dean tied up and ‘out of it.’ Jensen’s acting was fantastic and really hair-raising. Watching Dean stare into space and break glass bottles ready to off himself was awful and Jensen really, really sold it to me. What a relief when he managed to snap himself out of it and just in time to save poor old Sam as well.

Dean, The Werther Project

Even though Sam is still keeping secrets from Dean is was good to see the brothers working together and to hear Dean declare that they worked better as a team. Dean knows that Sam is concerned about him going rogue and he is still trying to hold in the power of the mark. After watching him kill all those vampires single handed it is obvious he isn’t coping too well with containing the mark’s influence. Every time something like that happens it makes Sam realise how bad Dean is getting and it drives Sam on to do more and more reckless things. Neither brother is particularly sane at the moment and watching them fall apart is one of the things that Supernatural fans enjoy (in a sick sort of way!)

Sam,  The Werther Project

It was awesome to see that Sam doesn’t actually trust Rowena and I almost cheered when he chained her up. He clearly knows she has a different end game to him but he isn’t giving up just yet. He has the book and he has the codex and it is just a matter of time before he has a way to remove the mark from Dean (or is it?)

So was The Werther Project a good episode? Well yes and no to be honest. It was interesting and it moved the plot along but it was also very dark and a tad disturbing. It wasn’t an episode that I enjoyed but it did hold my interest and it was extremely hard to tear myself away from it. I also found myself thinking about it long after it had ended. A very weird episode that made me feel distinctly uneasy.

I still have no idea where we are heading; Sam is clearly becoming as reckless as Dean in his search for a cure; Rowena is Sam’s prisoner and Crowley has a price on his head. Castiel is still around and he has his grace back and there is the spectre of Metatron lurking in the background. Things are coming to a head and it is clear that, as usual, nothing will come easy to the Winchester brothers.

Only four more episodes to go – I’m not sure I can stand the tension – can you?

HUGE Announcement from Jensen & Jared!

Jared & Jensen Announce New Fund

Wonderful news from our boys “Moose and Squirrel,” aka Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles:

“Our Story So Far…

from “Moose” and “Squirrel”
so… we wanted to take a little time to let you guys know what we’ve been planning over the last couple weeks :).

here goes…
with the crazy success of the #SPNFamily, and #AlwaysKeepFighting campaigns, we’ve seen FIRST-HAND the kinds of amazing things that can be accomplished when we all work together to support causes that are important and meaningful to us all.
With y’all’s help, we’ve been able to raise (literally!) hundreds of thousands of dollars to support great organizations. Organizations like To Write Love On Her Arms, Wounded Warriors, St. Jude’s, Attitudes In Reverse, The Down Syndrome Connection, and more.

Beyond the financial benefits to these charities (and, in our opinions, even MORE IMPORTANTLY), we’ve also been able to start conversations about issues that have, up to now, been so heavily stigmatized by those who don’t understand, that they were often just avoided outright or hidden. We, as a group, have been able to offer support and love to people who we have never had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face.

Y’all rock.

Take it from two guys who flip through their comment sections every now and again, YOU ARE HELPING COUNTLESS OTHERS!

The causes we’ve been able to support so far are fantastic and deserving. We can’t wait to continue to work with them in the future. Wonderfully, our eyes have been opened to lots of other charities and causes that might need a helping hand to grow, or may not have even been started yet!

With that in mind, and with the understanding that there are SO MANY great organizations out there that could use a little push, we (Jensen and Jared, Dean and Sam, Squirrel and Moose, Jason and Dean [for you Smallville and Gilmore Girls fans], you get the idea) have decided to start a fund to support a variety of causes, now and in the future, that can help make the world as we know it a better place. We have a close friend (though much older than we) that “Randomly” performs certain “Acts” that change the world, and people’s lives, for the better. It’s been an inspiration, and we thought, we should do that too!

We have the “bug”. We want to seek out and find MORE worthy causes (while still supporting the aforementioned charities, of course) so that there can be an overwhelming abundance of places people can go to seek help. Whether it’s for mental illness, depression, addiction, or for causes that we are not even aware of yet!

In addition to the fund that we have started, we are ALSO going to work with that guy named Misha Collins (maybe you’ve heard of him) and his wonderful charity “Random Acts” to increase our reach and accomplish things that we simply could not accomplish alone. We’ve learned, after all these years, that things are better when we’re all working together.

So, there you have it.

Us. Y’all.
Y’all. Us.

Making the world a better place :).


To watch their video announcement, visit Jared’s Facebook page.

To buy a shirt and/or phone case, visit https://represent.com/jaredjensen

Sandra’s Birthday Project for Jared


Our buddy Sandra has a really fun, really awesome project that you are going to want to get involved in!

“This year for Jared’s Birthday, let’s celebrate it not just by supporting TWO great causes that mean a lot to him, but by giving him his annual journal AND an aerial banner! It will fly over the studio on the week before his birthday with the message “Happy B-day Jared! #AlwaysKeepFighting”

Contribute to this project today by clicking here!

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Miracles Out Of Nowhere

Kansas, the iconic classic rock band who gave us “Carry On Wayward Son,” the epic theme song of our favorite show, has a brand-new documentary entitled “Miracles Out Of Nowhere!” The documentary tells the story of how Kansas rose to stardom and discusses the history of band. It is being released on March 24th and we cannot wait to watch it!

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